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Person responsible for the project – the initiator
The person who originally initiated the project is highly motivated and convinced of its necessity. Her name is Frieda Kemuiko Geiseb. Her original intention is to offer help for the most vulnerable children and their families, providing better chances for their future. Since 2003 up to now Frieda tought children on a regular basis. This means she has the skills as well as profound experiences working with kids of different ages. Apart from this Frieda's ability to speak different languages allows her to communicate with members of almost all tribes present in Namibia. The fact that Frieda has lived in Katutura since 2000 makes her a knowledgable member of this community with all its particular social and economical questions, which feeds back in to the structure and intentions of the project she created for the inhabitants of Havana.

Open Day Speach from Frieda
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